Kasanda-Agroforestry-farm Banana unit

Kasanda-Agroforestry-farm Banana unit

Project Information

Project Name

Kibondo Sustainable Agriculture Project (KISAP)

Project Donor(s)

CONCERN Worldwide



Projected Output

Improved household food security among rural farmers in Kibondo district.


KISAP is implemented in 20 villages of Busunzu, Nyankwi, Nyaruyoba, Kasaka, Kibuye, Kumsenga, Kumshwabure, Kagezi, Nyarugusu Twabagondozi, Bitare, Gwanumpu, Bunyambo, Kiga, Kasongati, Muhange, Gwarama, Kinyinya, Churazo and Nyamtukuza funded by CONCERN Worldwide. This is still an ongoing project that addresses improvement of household food security among rural farmers in Kibondo district by enhancing food production through addressing issues of land rights and improved agricultural practices. The project Outputs are:

  • Improved utilization of agricultural farming techniques and practices in food crop production by farmers in target villages by using organic methods and locally available materials.
  • Increased local community awareness on Village Land Act, 1999 leading to equitable distribution of land and acquisition of customary land title deeds.
  • Enhanced capacity of rural farmers to engage in policy debates, lobbying and advocacy on issues of land rights and improved agricultural practices.
  • Enhanced capacities of targeted communities, KISAP and REDESO staff in Project Cycle Management, Financial management and reporting, and Mainstreaming cross cutting issues.

Despite of KISAP being an ongoing program, it has contributed a lot in improving the community food security and livelihood leading to its extension from phasing out in 2010 August to 31st December 2012. The project has created an insitu project in collaboration with REDESO SACCOS called crops banking to enable farmers save their crops in searching for good price (8,000/= to 9,000/=) instead of 1,500 to 3,000) farmers were receiving before the project. Vulnerable farmers are now building modern houses, purchasing transport and communication facilities, and paying school fees for students at high learning institutions etc.

There is increased food production per unit area for staple foods and vegetables. Lobbying and advocacy network (a team of 12 people) already established by the program in collaboration with the District personnel and the community to enable villagers to call for and defend their rights in enhancing good governance, accountability and transparence. Implementation of our programmes is in complementary to Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) and support Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM).

Project Time Frame

2008 to 2012

Completion Status


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Kasanda-Agroforestry-farm Banana unit
Kasanda-Agroforestry-farm Banana unit
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