Oswald .E. Kasaizi - The Executive Director REDESO

Oswald .E. Kasaizi - The Executive Director REDESO

REDESO - A Word From Chief Executive Officer

Dear visitors,


You are warmly welcome to our website. It is open for all people irrespective of colour, age, gender, ethnic group, income, and religion or education status.

Relief to Development Society (REDESO) believes in equal and fair community for strategic and sustainable development.

Our vision is to build a community where vulnerable people have access to equal opportunities and empowerment whereas our mission is to strive to provide relief and promote sustainable development to vulnerable communities through capacity enhancement interventions.

As REDESO works to accomplish its vision and mission, various achievements have been attained which include; capacity building for victims of HIV/AIDs, environmental conservation, educational support for refugees, vocational training to the youth refugees and Tanzanians, microfinance schemes, promotion of agriculture for food security and income generation, above all, creation and management of development projects in the country.

Those are few achievements obtained in a period of 18 years since the beginning of our operation. However, we have been facing some challenges. Shortage of fund is one of setbacks towards fulfilment of our projects. Since we work as a team, our task is always to ensure timely execution of development projects.

Moreover, REDESO through its esteemed employees, donors, beneficiaries, and entire community works hard to ensure effective implementation of goals and objectives for community development.

I once again convey our sincere thanks to those who contributed morally or financially in our achievements the last 18 years. Although it’s not easy to cite all, let me mention few include; UNHCR, DANIDA, WFP, CRUSAID UK, NPA, CAFOD UK, CONCERN, JIPRO, TACAIDS THROUGH RFE AND GLIA, OXFAM ,REDESO Staff, beneficiaries and community at large.

Since REDESO works to develop all people, I hope the cooperation demonstrated in 18 years ago will be maintained and augmented for effective achievement of our mission and vision.

Best regards,

Oswald Kasaizi



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Oswald .E. Kasaizi - The Executive Director REDESO
Oswald .E. Kasaizi - The Executive Director REDESO
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