Cattle keeping in Chogo.

Cattle keeping in Chogo.


A community where refugees and other vulnerable people have access to equal opportunities and empowerment.


REDESO strives to provide relief services and promote sustainable development to vulnerable communities through capacity enhancement interventions.


REDESO is  is non-party in politics and non-sectarian in religion. The organization is concerned with relief and development to local and international displaced communities and other vulnerable local communities. Objectively, REDESO seeks:

  • To promote any charitable services and development schemes in Tanzania and elsewhere and in particular, providing relief, promote development schemes such as poverty alleviation, relief to distress, advancement of health, advancement of education, and furthermore any other activities aiming at furtherance of sustainable development in those areas with a special consideration to the vulnerable groups.
  • To promote environmental rehabilitation to disaster affected areas with a view to prevent further environmental degradation, restore the displaced people to an environmentally conducive life.
  • To act, as soon as possible, to any kind of disasters taking place in Tanzania or elsewhere, either alone or in collaboration with any charitable institutions or any other authorities executing similar goals.
  • To represent International Organizations providing relief to victims of man-made disasters such as war and victims of natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, hurricane, fire, deadly diseases, famine etc.
  • To establish or maintain institutions intended to relieve various forms of poverty and distress, such as hospitals, schools, water supplies, almshouses, or orphanages, soup kitchens, homes for working volunteers etc..
  • To promote, encourage or undertake organized research and experimental work on the provision of relief to areas affected by disasters and the relevant strategies to reconstruct and develop those areas.
  • To procure to be written and print, publish, issue and circulate gratuitously or otherwise any reports or periodicals, books, pamphlets, leaflets, or other documents in furtherance of the above purposes.
  • To arrange and provide for or join in arranging and providing for the holding of exhibitions, meetings, lectures and classes in the furtherance of the above purposes.
  • To promote and organize co-operation in the achievement of the above purposes and finally to bring together the members of the Association and other charitable institutions and other authorities and voluntary organizations engaged in the furtherance of the above purposes.
  • In furtherance of the above purposes, but not further or otherwise, the Association may:
    • Obtain, collect and receive money and funds by way of contributions, donations, affiliation fees, subscriptions, legacies, grants and other lawful methods, and accept and receive gifts of property of any description.
    • Establish and promote income-generating activities with a view to earn funds to sustain the objectives of the Association.
    • Do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects or any of them.
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Nyakabira water source catchment conservation
Nyakabira water source catchment conservation
Kasanda Agroforestry farm Fish pond
Kasanda Agroforestry farm Fish pond
Energy saving stoves made by farmers
Energy saving stoves made by farmers
REDESO Ngara SACCOSS Benefiary-Food cereals stocking -Rusumo-Ngara
REDESO Ngara SACCOSS Benefiary-Food cereals stocking -Rusumo-Ngara
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